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University of London (UOL) was established in 1836. It is a federation of 18 different world class universities awarding degrees in various disciplines, like Kings College, UCL, LSE, SOAS, Royal Hallway, Queen Mary, Birkbek, Goldsmith and others. UOL is truly international in character with over 50,000 students from more than 180 countries studying graduate and undergraduate degrees under the academic direction of its member institutions. The Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences degrees (EMFSS) provided at our teaching centre is under the academic direction of the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

The London School of Economics and Political Science is a world leading social science institution. Its teaching and research are recognised worldwide as a benchmark of quality. LSE has ranked first in Europe and second in the world for Social Sciences and Management for the past few years. You can find this in the QS subject rankings 2021

What is a RECOGNISED TEACHING CENTRE (RTC)? We are the 1st UOL RTC to operate in Egypt. We operate under the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport (AASTMT), in two of its AASTMT Campuses (Heliopolis and Smart Village). Which means our institution is recognised by UOL to show excellence in teaching the LSE courses and in providing support to students in terms of academics and administrative issues. Our recognised teaching centre has been receiving commendation letters for the past four years from both UOL and LSE, for excellent pass rates and students’ results.

What is Academic Direction?

What do we offer?  Under the LSE EMFSS Programs (Economics, Management, Finance and Social Sciences) we offer 3 BSc degrees in:

What are the entry requirements?

If these requirements are met the student is then enrolled as a degree student, which means he/she will start the 12 courses of the degree right away. We follow a British credit hour system, 360 credit hours, distributed among 12 modules. Each module is taught over a full academic year. If these requirements are not met then the student is enrolled as a CHESS student. We are the only RTC in Egypt that delivers the CHESS track which is CertHE Social Sciences (Certificate of Higher Education in Social Sciences) which means the student can start in the 12 courses but at a slower rate (year 1- two courses only) and year 2 (2 courses only) followed by 8 courses on the following two years.

What are the fees?

Fees are split into AASTMT fees and UOL Fees.

  • AASTMT fees are divided into 3 categories where fees are discounted based on academic performance and announced every academic year. Students may be subject to further scholarships based on academic or athletic achievements. Please contact AASTMT Admissions office for further details.
  • UOL fees

 How to apply?

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Facebook: UOL.AAST

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phone/whatsapp: 01023163336

Location: Heliopolis-New Village

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